A downloadable VFX Puzzle Novel

Exploding with colors in a visual extravaganza, a new form of genre, the VFX Puzzle spouts from the depths to bring you Phase Deluxe! Match the hexagons to its vibrant center to complete a phase whilst switching between two or three other phases, or even just a single phase on Super, Deluxe, and Regular modes respectively. Match the phase, rotate the phase, and amass more time as you drift through the waves of visual stimuli being shot into your corneas. Piece together Hexagons and complete phases to amass points and extend the clock.

MUCH NEEDED gameplay instructions - https://imgur.com/a/EcHh0dr
---The game is extremely difficult to figure out without 'em---


-Spacebar/click the screen to lay down a hexagon piece -WASD/click the arrows to turn the phase -Shift/click the center to switch between phases -Click the High Score to reset it

Install instructions

Unzip the provided file and launch "HexPhase.exe" in the "Hex Phase (Windows)" folder to run the game on Windows.


HP - Windows.zip 33 MB


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It's pretty fun, I just wish the color differences between the phases were more distinct. Sometimes it's hard to tell the blues from the purples.